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How To: Choose an Offer

1) LOG IN to your account

2) Click on the CURRENT OFFERS button or link

3) Click VIEW OFFER to get the details (availability, cost, etc)

4) If you want the coupon, check the "Terms & Conditions" box

5) Click I WANT THIS COUPON to add it to your MY COUPONS page

How To: Print a Coupon

1) Add a coupon to your account by following "How To: Choose an Offer" (topic above)

2) Click on the MY COUPONS button or link

3) Click the VIEW COUPON link to view your personalized coupon

4) Print the coupon or show it on your smart device to redeem

Getting your Free Membership

Can I access your coupons without signing up?
You need to Sign Up for coupon access. The process is fast and easy, we promise!

How much does a BGB membership cost?
Membership is absolutely FREE!

How long will my membership last?
You only need to Sign Up once for permanent coupon access.

What if I no longer want my BGB account?
Your account can be deleted by sending an e-mail to our Program Coordinator.

Where is my BGB membership valid?
Your membership is for the bowling centre you selected during sign up. The coupons will only be valid at this location!

I see that 6 family members can share my account...what is your definition of "family members"?
Family members are related to you or living in the same household. BGB offers are meant for family enjoyment, not unrelated groups coming together for socialization, education, or business. Any eligibility questions should be directed to our Program Coordinator.

How do I become a BGB member?
Visit the Sign Up page to complete a short form. You must include all required information and agree to the Terms of Use.

Using the Sign Up Form

I clicked the SIGN ME UP FOR FREE button and got an error!
An error message will pop up if your form contains missing or invalid information. Read the problem list, click OK, then make any required changes before resubmitting.

Why has my password choice been rejected?
Your choice of password must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain at least one number and letter. These requirements boost account security.

Do I have to add family members to my account?
No, you can skip this step or add family members after registration.

How many family members can share my account?
You can add up to 6 family members to your account. Including yourself, the maximum family size is 7 people per account.

What do I do if my family is larger than 7 people?
You can create a secondary account using a different e-mail address.

Do I have to tell a friend about BGB?
No, but shared savings are always appreciated!

I created an account — now what?
Log In to choose your coupons! You can also print BGB coupons and update your account from the Member Area.

Logging In for Members

What is my username?
Your username is the e-mail address you provided on the Sign Up form.

How do I retrieve a forgotten password?
We can replace your forgotten password with a new one! On the Log In page, you will see a link that reads "Forgot Password?". Click that to reach our Forgotten Password page. From there, type in the e-mail address you gave during sign up. Click SEND NEW PASSWORD and check your inbox for a reset e-mail.

What does "Remember Me" do?
Click this box to save your BGB username and password on the current browser. Checking this option makes logging in faster and easier in the future!

Offer Choices

What offers do you have available right now?
Click the CURRENT OFFERS button or link after logging into your account. All available offers will be listed on this page.

No coupons are shown on the Current Offers the program over?
BGB is far from over! We are currently in the process of creating and scheduling amazing new offers for your family to enjoy! Our members are contacted by e-mail when new coupons are available on the BGB website.

How do I view the details of a specific offer?
Visit the CURRENT OFFERS page to see your options. For specific information about a particular coupon, click VIEW OFFER.

How do I choose a coupon?
From the CURRENT OFFERS page, find an appealing offer then click VIEW OFFER. You will now see a page specific to that particular offer. To choose that coupon, agree to the Terms & Conditions then click I WANT THIS COUPON. The coupon has now been added to your account.

Paid Offers

How do I know if an offer costs money or not?
Every offer page has a section called "Type" at the top. The offer costs money if you see a "PAID" icon and price amount.

How much does a paid offer cost?
Prices vary depending on the offer.

Is the price on the offer page in Canadian dollars?
Yes, all prices are in Canadian dollars. BGB is proud to be 100% Canadian!

Does the price on the offer page include tax?
No, prices shown on the BGB website do not include tax. HST will be added by PayPal during the payment process.

How do I choose a paid offer?
The steps for choosing a paid offer or free offer are virtually the same: follow our "How To: Choose an Offer" instructions if you have trouble. The only difference is payment using PayPal at the end.

Can a paid offer be purchased at the bowling centre?
All BGB paid offers are web exclusive and must be purchased online. Sorry, payment cannot be made in-person at the bowling centre.

Purchasing a Paid Offer

How is a paid offer processed?
BGB uses PayPal to process all payments. This service is safe and simple to use! Click this link to read "Top Ten Things to Know About PayPal Canada".

I worry about sharing my personal information online — can you guarantee a secure transaction?
BGB and PayPal are both committed to the security and protection of your personal information. Click this link to read the PayPal page about online security and fraud protection.

What payment types are accepted?
PayPal guests can pay using debit, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Network, or American Express. You can also register for a PayPal account to establish a balance for making online payments.

I have changed my mind about purchasing the offer — can I stop and go back?
You will see a section called "Choose a way to pay" on the right side of the page. Click the bottom link that reads "Cancel and return to Motor City Bowling Ltd.". You will be automatically returned to the offer page you were previously on.

Do I still get a coupon after purchasing a paid offer?
Yes, after payment the coupon will appear on your MY COUPONS page. Use this coupon to redeem the offer in-centre.

Using your Chosen Coupons

How do I view my coupon choices?
Click the MY COUPONS button or link after logging in. Your offers are listed in descending order by earliest expiry date, so redeem the top coupon first.

When does my coupon expire?
Each offer is unique and has a different expiry date. Check the "Offer Details" and "Times Available" on the coupon page for when you can redeem the offer. The coupon is automatically removed from your account after its end date and time have been reached. Expired coupons no longer appear on your MY COUPONS page.

Can I delete a coupon from my account?
No, the coupon will remain on your account until it expires. You will not be penalized for failure to claim a coupon.

How many times can I use my coupon?
Limits on usage are unique to the offer. The maximum number of times you can redeem an offer are indicated in the Terms and Conditions section. This information is displayed on both the offer and coupon page.

Can I redeem an offer without printing the coupon?
In support of greener practices, a printed coupon is no longer required! Just add the coupon to your account by following our "How To: Choose an Offer" instructions. Only coupons appearing on your MY COUPONS page can be redeemed!

Can I update my account information?

Yes, you can update your account by clicking the MY ACCOUNT button or link. This is also where additional family memberes can be added.